Quantum Mechanics And Me

— Dennis Richardson

It’s something about the entangled electrons, the one’s
Brian Greene spoke of on Nova.  They make me think
of the soup-can phones we made as kids.

I wonder if I could use them now
to contact my mother to tell her: “I didn’t know.”

He said scientists don’t know how the electrons
stay connected no matter how far apart they are,
and if one is positive, the other is always negative.

And I’d like to ask her if she’s seen my father wherever
it is she is.  It was hard to say goodbye to him.

Today, a scientist said he thinks he has written
that one equation for everything, the one Einstein thought
was missing in order to understand our universe.

I’ve been trying forever it seems to understand my universe,
now I think it’s the heart that entangles the mind.

The Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland will test the equation
but it hasn’t yet, still unfinished.  But it’s for the physical
universe, not the emotional one.

I told my mother and father, when I was four,
that the moon followed us home.  And it still does.

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