— David Eisbach

My search for a solution is often like
being dragged, naked, screaming over ground glass.
To sit like the Buddha, serene and quiet
does not subdue the horserace in my chest.
What gnaws at my nerve ends does not diminish
with the ebbing of my brain’s desperate calisethenics.
Torturous worry and dread finally enforce fatigue.
My body slowly sinks into a twilight slumber.
Suddenly, I am yanked into consciousness.
Like the sun squeezing through clouds,
the solution appears,
cloaked in calm and simplicity.

One thought on “Solutions

  1. Dave, I definitely know what you mean. I am one of those obsessive individuals who will not sleep and will not rest until I find a solution. I love the hyperbolic descriptions in this poem: "being dragged, naked, screaming over ground glass," "the horse race in the chest," etc. They do capture that anguish of not knowing. Lately, I have found a better solution–I take long walks when I need to find a solution. After my walk’s end, sometimes I find the solution, but more often than not, I find another kind of peace.

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