Featuring John Landry, May 2012

Christine Richardson, the co-host of the Willowglen Poetry Readings introduced May’s featured reader John Landry with these words:

John Landry says of himself, “I was born with an enlarged curiosity.” From that beginning in Massachusetts, everything he has chosen to do has fed that insatiable curiosity. He has studied at Universities in Massachusetts, and Texas, as well as the Naropa Institute of Buddhism and The Smithsonian Institute. His travels have brought him to the Greek Islands, Turkey, Spain, India, and Chili. John’s variety of work experiences in factories, libraries, schools and universities as well as editor of journals and literary encounters with such notable poets as Allen Ginsberg, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Jack Hirschman and many others have enriched and deepened his work.

All of this has contributed to an integrated way of life. For John, poetry and philosophy go hand in hand. Many of his students have appreciated this quality. One of them noted that, “He is a poet’s poet. The guy other professors teach about.”

In 2007, John Landry was selected as poet laureate of New Bedford, Massachusetts.

His poetry has appeared in countless magazines and journals as well as in translations in many languages.

John Landry seems to have lived enough for ten men.  But throughout this one rich and varied life, he has followed the advice from one of his poems, “Just Another Crime of Passion”

own less
feel more
to be a poet
be poetry


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