— Dennis Richardson

I am living here in the land of “is/isn’t”,
where same and opposite are brothers,
or they could be sisters,
or one of each or neither, I suppose.
Anything extreme though bothers me,
as in life and death.  It’s the isn’t part
of is/isn’t that really disturbs me.
It’s so unnerving to think about not living.
It is then that I wish I lived
in the land of “is/synonyms”,
no opposites, just similars.
Life: existing, being, animating,
viabilitying from one family to the next.

Which reminds me,
the family down the street has a dog.
He looks presidential, very cool and in charge.
His name is Taylor or Bailey.  They have a son too.
I get their names mixed-up.  Taylor/Bailey,
the dog, has more toys than I do.
I went down one day to play with him
keen on getting hold of the green moppy thing,
but Taylor/Bailey, the son, chased me away.
Probably jealous: demanding devotion,
suspicious of a rival, vigilant.
Maybe synonyms don’t work well either.

How about living in the land of “is/happy”:
loving without hating, kissing without slapping,
birthdays without funerals.
Much more relaxing and you can see
how the grandkids turn out and the great-grandkids,
and the great, great grandkids, …,
(for you who got a c- in math, the dots mean, and so on)
And maybe you’ll have a chance to glimpse the stars
up close, and then, just to your right, you can take
a long, long look into the land of “is/infinity”.

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