From The Mouth Of Babes

— Jim Russo

Grandpa, Grandpa I got an A++ on my science report!
That’s great Nickey, tell me how does a fifth grader get an A++?
What did you write honey?
Remember when you told me that story of when you took my Daddy fishing
      in North Dakota?
And how it’s the windiest state
And remember when you told me that New Mexico is always sunny,
     all year long?
My idea is, we build big,big, huge winds farms in North Dakota and we build
     big, big, huge solar farms in New Mexico
And while we’re building these, we build a big, big, huge new electric grid
     coast to coast
And we can build all new electric busses, trains, cars and trucks
That way we can put everybody back to work; we’ll make all this new jobs
We can do it all in ten years if we all work together, like when we put a man
     on the moon
We can charge everybody ten dollars a month for ten years and pay for it
And after we pay for it, all our energy will be free and clean…everybody’s forever
Then we can make things cheaper and keep jobs here in America…with
     no energy costs
And then we don’t have to have wars for oil or use…dirty oil, coal or gas
I don’t look pretty wearing a breathing mask Grandpa…
Or send our Daddys to war
Nickey, Im so proud of you, I love you
Your Daddy would be so proud of you
I miss him so much Grandpa
I miss him too honey, everyday

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