Nature Stories

— Vicki L. Harvey

A leaf lifts in the wind,
revealing delicate maroon veins
and spots telling how long it
Has been asleep.

Nature tells many stories…
Hummingbirds fight over the
feeder filled with fresh sugar water,
swooping, swashing, click click.

Morning dove looking for an
already nest to lay
her precious eggs.
Not big on nest building.

My soul cat Grey sits
at the patio door
listening, smelling, feeling,
sensing the air of nature.

Lace leaf maple
draped in filtered light,
feeling very Zen like,
commanding quiet.

Big black bumble bees
buzz the hot lips, hydrangea
And Mexican sage,
happy for their presence.

Canadian Geese dive bombs
swimming pool at 6:30 A.M.
Squaking, screaming, splashing.
Waking me from my peaceful slumber.

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