Take A Chance

— Julie Blanchette  (presented by Lesa Medley)

didn’t we seem to take more chances
when we were young?

the chance to climb trees in the pursuit of heights—
never thinking we couldn’t get back down

or at night, just before dinner,
the chance to run wild and free
by out smarting the bad guy and finding
the most daring place of safety in the darkest
part of the yard.

while listening to records and dancing in the living room,
weren’t we taking chances by singing at the top of our voices
pretending a perfect performance

back then, we didn’t know we were taking chances
we were just being ourselves
or pretending to be a TV character
and wove stories with danger and success and surprising endings
each playing our part and creating fun out of thin air.

We were honest back then:
“No, that character wouldn’t do that!!”
“What if this happens instead?”
“Hey that’s not fair! Play by the rules!”
(and if you didn’t you couldn’t get to play)

What If…
I really can choose my Character
And get to create the Successes and Dangers and Adventures
Just out of thin Air?
What if I Became like that Child again
And Lived by Make-Believe Rules and tumbling Imagination
Who would I Be?
What limits except for dinner and bedtime would I have?

One thought on “Take A Chance

  1. Julie Blanchette passed away April 26th and Lesa Medley read this poem in her memory. Julie was a great poet and friend. I will keep her memory close and find comfort in her poetry. Vicki L. Harvey

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