Open-Mic Readers, July 2012

The WGPP reading held on July 19, 2012 featured the following open-mic readers:

Jerry Dyer “Books Will Burn”
Dennis Noren “Wildflowers of the Sonoma Coast”
Casey FitzSimons “A Letter From Agnes” and “Last Supper”
Lesa Medley “The Front Porch”
Stephanie Pressman “Reading Books at Sea”
Judith Oppenheimer “A Pediatrician’s Homecoming”
Diane Moomey “Saturday Morning”
Millicent Kellogg “Summer Audit”
Jeanne Glad “The Clothespin”
Elaine Kahn “Time”
Mary Lou Taylor “Too Early To Pass Out”
Jim Russo “Kid’s Ruled”
Vicki L. Harvey “Fairwell To Jeannie”
Kelly Cresio-Muller 2 Haiku Noir
Robbie Sugg “From The Ground Up”
John Landry “Swan”
Judy Sandretto “Me And My Garden”
Dale Carrasco “Ridiculous Man’s Monologue”
Renee Schell “On Turning 49 In The 49th State”
Dennis Richardson “Ignorance”
Sandip Bhattacharya “In The Street” and “Riots” by Gulzar
Janet Trenchard “Spirits”
Paul H “Transplanting Part I”
Harry Lafnear “Why We Eat Them Raw”
Vuong Vu “Encyclopedia Brittanica”
Karen LLewellyn “The Garden”
Bonnie George “Sad Drama To Sweet Obsession”
Pushpa MacFarlane “Other Lives”
Christine Richardson “The Lone Woman”

NB: Please let us know if there are any errors in the spellings of names or poems.

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