Sad Drama To Sweet Obsession

— Bonnie George

Hoping he can’t hear my tears through the crisis line phone, I listen
To a pre-teen who found his baby cousin dead in his sleep last week
Then another boy calls, afraid someone is in the garden—
He’s home alone! Hang up and call 911!
“I can’t, they told me not to call anymore.” Then I’ll call –
I’ll call the fire department—where do you live?
“They won’t come either”
After my shift, I drive to Tapestry and Talent–
Morning on the crisis line—afternoon in the park
Now, not just giggling, I’m laughing uncontrollably when a five-year-old
Touts a metal sculpture in her parent’s booth…a spider in his web
We discuss Miss Muffet’s fear, and how I gently push aside
Daddy-Long-Legs living with me, just below the ceilings
I broom only the webs away before company arrives–
We giggle again; she takes my hand—introduces me
To her smiling parents gleaming in the sunshine
Quietly reflecting in their metal art pieces
They’re a family I swear were conjured up just for me today
While another crisis volunteer calms other peoples’ fears
Rerunning the day’s features driving home:
Sad drama to sweet obsession–a gamut of emotions
Some best to let go—I’m feeling relief with their release
And as usual, appreciation of my own circumstances
I name my metal spider in his web, Dichotomy—he hangs in the
Kitchen window alongside black-clothed Ms. Kitchen Witch
And several Daddy-Long-Legs in their webs–
With the orange of silk California Poppies
Halloween is here all year
Masking crises’ sadness

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