Summer Audit

— Millicent Kellogg

I am thankful for waltzes and redwoods,
     jelly fish and tiny oak leaves,
reflections and shadows and echos,
     men’s eyes with the look of eagles.

I am grateful for ferns and frogs and flowers
     dessert and demitasse and deli’s.
For squirrels who don’t try to make it across,
     birds who sit on the feeder while I fill it.

For friends who don’t roll eyes and sigh deeply
     when a new poem is waved before their eyes.
For a billion billion more stars than I can see
     and the lonely leaf that lands in my lap.

I give thanks for the feel of wool as it passes over
     the needles;  weaving of colors
keeps the world in touch with my soul –
     I meditate with each stitch, and become serene.

I am pleased I have been more contented than resigned.
     I listened as Life spoke for itself with murmurs of love
shouts of laughter and tears of mourning.
     It’s been an unsparing adventure, and I regret only
          that I didn’t get a tattoo.

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