The Front Porch

— Lesa Medley

You don’t see them much anymore
Or if you do see them,
They are mainly for show,
Not really being used.
Everyone is just too busy,
I guess.
I am talking about
A real front porch,
With steps leading up to it,
A swing in the corner,
Some pretty plants and
Baskets of hanging flowers.
A couple of comfortable
Rocking chairs
With a small table in between
To place your book or knitting
And your glasses.
Beside a pitcher of lemonade,
Or iced tea.
A place where a friend
could drop by
and the two of you
would just sit a bit,
Wave hello and exchange greetings
With neighbors and passersby,
Solve the world’s problems
And discuss a few of your own;
Or just sit and rock in silence,
And watch the sunset.
I can’t help but wonder…
Wouldn’t the world be
A much better place
If everyone had a real front porch…
And spent time there?

One thought on “The Front Porch

  1. Your poem makes me feel safe and welcomed. It would be a pleasure to share your front porch. Great poem!

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