Allure Of Abu Dhabi

— Bonnie George

The call to prayer wafts from the first floor Mosque
As incense permeates graceful living in this culture
With its falcons and its hand-made carpets
Rolled up into its mystique of red sand

Shining hotter than hot,
The sun patiently rises and sets
Above a sparkling Persian Gulf seen
Through high apartment windows only a block away

So much wonder to absorb! My eyes savor a
Jet-black abaya shimmering with rows of bugle beads as it floats by
Almost concealing stiletto heels and feminine beauty while
Displaying dark henna-framed eyes
Fiery-eyed masculine men in white flowing garments…
Cord-secured red and white checkered head-scarves
Flash gleaming smiles

I’m intoxicated by Abu Dhabi’s Arabian Nights’ allure
Endearing me to its people, and desert heat
Where my youngest son’s family chooses to be

Missing them half-a-world away, I agree with their decision…
Especially after sharing these days, meeting their friends
Savoring each second of my remaining vacation
Hoping to return again and again, to take in more
Mystic red sand, camels, fascination of falcons
…and cardamom in my coffee

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