Open-Mic Readers, August 2012

The featured reader for August was David Swanger. The following poets presented their works at the open-mic that followed. As always, please bring any errors in names and titles to our attention and we’ll promptly correct them.

Elaine Kahn “Time”
Mary Lou Taylor “A Visit To Cafe de Flore”
Nancy Meyer “I Still Don’t Know …”
Judy Oppenheimer “Timing”
Stephanie Pressman “Googling Goats”
Lesa Medley “Maui Revelation”
Casey FitzSimons “Day Without Horizon”
David Eisbach “Worry”
Jim Chadwick “The Moon”
Jerry Dyer “Let Us Imagine Our White Russian”
Millicent Kellogg “Water”
Renee Schell “First Day Of School”
Mary Ann Savage “To Live At Sea”
Diane Moomey “July, Interference”
Judith Schallberger “Haiku”
Dennis Richardson “Sucks”
Harry Lafnear “Done”
Paul Highby “Blindsight”
Jasper Haze “Projectile”
Jim Russo “K Street Report”
Barbara Sexton “Grace Under Pressure”
Bonnie George “Allure Of Abu Dhabi”
Robbie Sugg “Haibun for Hungry Ghosts”
Jeanne Glad “Brown Pelicans”
Dale Carrasco “Sofia’s Moon”
Nick Butterfield “On The Rim”
Deborah Kennedy “Quorum Sensing”
Pushpa MacFarlane “Reflection”
Christine Richardson “Poets Are Everywhere”

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