Day Without Horizon

— Casey FitzSimons

I look down, navigating disturbed earth
studded with non-native plants brought here
by immigrants homesick for blue flowers,
unwilling to do without mustard plasters.
Now they are fast-growing super-seeders
tending to monoculture, predator-free.
No use to native animals or insects,
interlopers in a closed accord
of symbiosis, prosperity, and death,
identified by committee for extermination
line-item–funded by the city. This
habitat under purge will not return
to equilibrium predating Europeans
who packed their seeds as hedge against their own
fear of failure to adapt, their own cultural
entropy, even with the work of zealous
volunteers whose mission goes unchallenged.
Who fights for iceplant against the stalwarts of futility?

First published by EarthSpeak Magazine 9/15/10

One thought on “Day Without Horizon

  1. Oops. I just spotted a typo in my message. I meant "unlike this poem." Funny how leaving out a syllable can alter the entire meaning of my comment entry. I wonder how many wars have been fought over someone leaving out a prefix.

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