Maui Revelation

— Lesa Medley

Standing at the edge of the world
my bare feet plunge into warm, wet sand
I wiggle my toes and smile
Taking in a deep breath
of plumeria perfumed air, I sigh
and whisper softly,
Aloha! Mahalo!
Around me palm trees are swaying
almost dancing
in the gentle breeze of trade winds
Out in the distance, a white sail shimmers
like a diamond in sunlight
against the deep sapphire blue of the ocean
I back up a few steps as a wave rolls in
sending the warm water up to my knees and I am hit
with a stinging spray of mist on my face
I slowly run my tongue across my lips
savoring the raw saltiness of the sea
I sigh again and realize…
I will search no more.

One thought on “Maui Revelation

  1. You have taken me back to Maui with your beautiful poem. You have made my senses come alive. Great poem Lesa!

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