Sofia’s Moon

— Dale Carrasco

I anguish looking at you,
It is painful not to be a God,
not to have eternity to
drink you

but I have NOW …
my eyes, my hands
my mouth, my cock, my mind
… serve you

my deepest heart
is stirred …

the bright moon
my cock comes to
seranade you

It struts like a pigeon
sweeping its tail feathers
up and down your pussy lips
it coos loudly bragging
about itself

back and forth
my cock struts,
circling you,
pacing on your pussy,
charging you again
and again …
its tail feathers sweeping
you again and again

your seed blooms,
peeks into view,
tumescent it shines
like an eye in a cup

seeing each other
awakens us …

the pigeon cock mounts you
from behind …
your neck seized by its beak ..
you are shaken, you are pummeled
you are ruffled to finality,
two tiny creatures beneath
the light of the great moon tonight

we do not have eternity Sofia,
we have only one moment …
ah … the anguish

One thought on “Sofia’s Moon

  1. There is a lot that I like about this poem; so it is not exactly about the poem that I am commenting, but I am not sure if the Willow Glen reading is the right venue for it. I do my share of reading and writing erotic poetry, but there is a time and place –and an audience–for it. Would it be appropriate to read this to an audience of minors? Of course, not! That is not the right audience. So why then would’t it be inappropriate for individuals at the Willow Glen reading who are of a more distinguished age? I like this poem and wouldn’t have any objections to hearing it–in another setting and with another audience.

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