— Millicent Kellogg

Water is never clumsy
even when hurling itself
over boulder and crevasse

As make-up artist for Earth
water soothes frown lines  of
chafing wind, weather, and war

Whorls and eddies
massage rocks to round off
the rivers’ rough corners

Waves carve thoughtful profiles
of mood and melancholy
on the continental edges

Perfect drops fall languidly
from icicles hollowing out
the solid stone beneath

The sea swells and smoothly sweeps
a village over the ramparts, lifting it without
effort to the other side of the planet

If water continues to etch, Earth
could become a filigreed pendant
in a delicate spin around the sun

One thought on “Water

  1. Wonderful poem, Millicent! I love your commitment to the metaphor of water being a transforming agent–an etcher, a sculpture, and even a make-up artist of the earth. Your metaphor pays off rather richly at the end when the earth becomes a polished gem, a pendent, around the sun. Awesome!

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