Call for Submissions, Art, and a Name


It’s time! The WGPP is now compiling WGPP Volume 2!

Our gorgeous prior book, Shared Light, included poetry from featured readers and dozens of local poets, and is now available world-wide via Volume 2 promises to be just as wonderful.

Open Mic Submissions

Now is the last chance to submit past poems for consideration in the upcoming book. If you read poems for our third-Thursday audience and forgot to submit over the past year, let us know. There’s still time.

Title Suggestions

We’re open to more of your creativity. The new volume is presently untitled. If you have suggestions, we’d be happy to hear.

Art & Photography

Finally, we’d like your help finding new cover and interior section art. Let us know if you’d like to contribute photos, paintings, drawings, etc. We’ll work out the details.

One thought on “Call for Submissions, Art, and a Name

  1. In response to Vuong Vu, I like "And I Spoke" . I think this would be a great titile for the second Anthology. It takes courage to read our poems each month and if we didn’t speak there would be no Anthology.

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