Open-Mic Readers, September 2012

The following poets read their works at the open-mic session of the Willow Glen Poetry Project’s monthtly reading in the Willow Glen Library on September 20, 2012:

 Sally Ashton “You Can’t Make A Hat Out Of Steel”
 Kelly Cressio-Moeller “Away”
 Lesa Medley “The Old Woman In The Moon”
 Vicki L. Harvey “Delusional Reality”
 Janet Trenchard “Antlers”
 John Landry “Domestic Scenes” by Robert Duncan
 Sandip Bhattacharya “Unfinished Song”
 Jim Russo “New Big Tits”
 Pushpa MacFarlane “Clocking The Hours”
 Jerry Dyer “Stanley”
 Barbara Saxton “Myrtle Hill”
 Ed Zanela Untitled Prose Poem
 Dennis Richardson “S’up”
 Jeanne Glad “He Has His Father’s Name”
 Jeffrey Leonard “The Mob On Fairview Avenue”
 Bill Peck “Sunday School”
 Dave Eisbach “Pain”
 Renee Schell “To A Housemaid With Perfect Pitch”
 Joel Katz “Listening To Adrienne Rich”
 Bonnie George “Barefoot”
 Jeff Miller Untitled
 Charles Albert “Essentialism”
 Vuong Vu “My Father Sleeps”
 Christine Richardson “Its Not LIke Its The End”

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