— Dennis Richardson

I know I asked you but that was a pretext
so I could tell you all these crazy thoughts
whirling around in my head, like:

What’s the big deal about a mobius strip? It’s just
a band with a twist in it. You still, eventually,
get back to where you started, it’s just a longer trip
only now it includes the dark side too.

And, I envy crows, their family ways, flocking
together with their young for years at a time,
the eldest siblings watching out for the youngest.
I just wish I understood their language of caws.

Which leads me to bear cubs, their fathers shunned,
the cub, at two years, left up a tree by mom.
What’s with that?, the family scattered like clouds,
Goldie Locks not left with anything that’s “just right”.

And I worry about the clouds. Seems they’ve all
forgotten their names. It’s like they have Alzheimer’s
as they wander off up to a place called mesosphere,
giving the sky a different look, beautiful in the way
a new birth is, after a great loss.

I love the thought that when you have nothing,
anything seems like everything because it did, not that
we had nothing but we were sure missing something.

So now I am questioning myself about my self
and I’m not liking the answers,
or rather, loving the answers but wonder
why now, why I didn’t do it sooner.
It seems that I’m not who I thought I was,
And now I’m angry and happy both at the same time.
Go figure.

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