The Old Woman in the Moon

— Lesa Medley

I know she is there
before I ever see her
She’s always there
watching me and smiling
looking so wise and so kind
She knows that I am lonely
So she just stays up high in the sky
shining big and bright, guiding my way,
                    and smiling
always smiling
I wonder why she smiles?
Does she hear me talking to her,
sometimes late at night
when I am the loneliest?
Am I her friend?
Is she lonely, like me?
Do I keep her company too, sometimes,
on the long drives
                    in the night?
The long drives to nowhere really
when I can’t go to sleep
and it is too lonely to be home
when the stars are the brightest,
the sky is the blackest black
and The Old Woman in the
Moon is at her shiniest bright
Does she like the country music
coming from my radio?
She must, because she follows me,
glowing and lighting my way,
                    and smiling
She looks so big and so close that I
want to just reach out and touch her

Sometimes I try
But she is shy and if I get close
she just moves higher up in the sky
So we keep driving down the road
driving away our loneliness, windows down
listening to country music, just me,
                    and the Old Woman in the Moon.

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