Unfinished Song

— Sandip Bhattacharya

The mind spins all the time
These days, spins like the
Wheels of my tired red bike
Rolling along the Guadalupe

I started cold and small today
Small and cold in flesh and soul
Pinched and poked the tires to see
If prickly death lay in my fate today
Spinning along the Guadalupe

The sky is pinking in the east right now
An airy mist cloaks my waking skin
The threads I’ve donned are chic but thin
Shivering along the Guadalupe

An early mallard leaves the reeds
Forsakes family in slumbering nest
Soft ripples wedge out across the world
Sailing along the Guadalupe

Heady spice of fennel and bay
Mint and sedge and nameless weeds
Underpass ambush by a mouthful of midges
Breathing along the Guadalupe

Morning train crosses my trail
The child in me smiles and waves
You are leaving, new worlds await
I grow roots on the Guadalupe

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