Consume, Consume

— Charles Albert

(Apologies to Frost)

The watch that came (the Teuer Hag)
is stunning with a Pravda bag
and why not in a brand-new Jag?

Or, if you must, buy Coach and Ford
so long as you will heed the word:
the market is a two-edged sword.

When money idles in the bank
the GDP will surely tank;–
you’ll only have yourself to thank,

your I.R.A. not worth a damn–
a pyramid, a Madoff scam–
unless you spend for Uncle Sam!

So be the smartest in the room
and stimulate a mini boom
with pricey bling. Consume, consume!

2 thoughts on “Consume, Consume

  1. Charles, you don’t know how happy your poem made me! "Provide, Provide" happens to be my favorite Frost poem. This is great, especially since it captures the cynicism of Frost’s original poem. And, oh, it’s a Prada bag. Pravda is the Russian newspaper.

  2. Vuong: Sorry I didn’t know you had commented until now. Glad you liked this.

    “Pravda” is Russian for “Truth”. I thought it would make a good pun here, since Russia has turned from Communism to Consumerism, and anyway it sounds so much like “Prada”. Only a few people seem to have noticed this, though.


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