Heat…Heat / Rain…Rain

— Millicent Kellogg

Heat …… Heat

Nothing moves …. too stiff with heat
Leaves hold their breath,
afraid to lose a drop of damp

Thickened air slows sounds of cattle
conversing on the hill –
the faucet drips in pantomime

The sky hovers on the tree top, and
ground comes up to meet it,
wringing the between like a rag

Shade is sparse, grudgingly shared, and
overrated for comfort, but the assembly of sheep
move in unison around the tree

Shafts of radiation parch the fronds
fallen from Palm trees, they lie scattered
like bleached ribs of dinosaurs

The sun tucks behind the horizon. but the moon
rises in matched cadence, its softer orange
promises another hot day;


Rain …… Rain ….. First Rain

First smells of pungent earth
first dust free day
first frowning sky

Wet leaves lie flat in dirt
wet cat streaks for the bed
brittle grass softens and leans

Water drops pat my outstretched tongue
clean white dots appear on woolly backs
air becomes hinged again, trees sway

Clouds tumble over cliff and canyon
lightning splits the sky in three while
thunder bellows with laughter

Lambs skid to a halt in surprise, then run
for cover, complaining loudly about the
interruption of their play

Underground seeds stir
unborn flowers whisper to each other
what colors they will wear this spring

First rain ….. first rain …….
the earth is going to make it
for another year

One thought on “Heat…Heat / Rain…Rain

  1. What masterful use of imagery, Millicent! Not only are the images gorgeous and vivid, but they carry the main sentiments of the poem, the harshness of heat and the hope that rain brings. This is beautiful!

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