Open-Mic Readers, October 2012

In October the featured reader was “Us”. Poets were encouraged to share a poem written by someone else as well as read one of their own. We had a great turnout and a whole bouquet of poems to enjoy.

We’ve done our best to keep the list of names and poems accurate, but since there were so many, errors might have have crept in. If you notice any incorrect or incomplete entries, please get in touch with us and we’ll amend them immediately.

Christine Richardson “Cadman” by Denise Levertov,
and her own “Two Green Sprouts”
Jerry Dyer “Shirt” by Robert Pinsky,
and his own “Bed”
Kelly Cressio-Moeller “Having Cut The Sparrow’s Heart” by Malinda Markham,
and her own “The Understudy”
Casey FitzSimons “The Lath House” by Frank Osen,
and her own “Sandy Hook”
Millicent Kellogg “Heat,Heat…Rain,Rain”
Joel Katz “Car Dealership At 3 AM” by Alan Shapiro,
and his own “First Halloween After 9/11”
Charles Albert “Provide, Provide” by Robert Frost,
and his own “Consume, Consume”
David Richardson “Winter Flame” by Mark R Slaughter,
and his own “Morning Fog”
Jim Russo “When You Return” by Ellen Bass,
and his own “Compared To You”
Mallika “The Desperation And Hope Of Unrequited Love”
Dennis Richardson “In The Future The Future Will Be The Past” by Bob Hicok,
and his own “For The Common Good”
Kavon “Always Be Drunk” by Baudelaire
Diane Moomey “An Acquaintance In Heaven” by Anne Dillard,
and her own “Candle Ice”
Judy Sandretto “Judy, Age 41”
Laura Sylva “Loon Song”
Vicki L. Harvey “Today” by Mary Oliver,
and her own “Unresolved”
Mimi Ahern “Ooo” by Harry Lafnear,
and her own “Miranda’s Cat”
Pushpa McFarlane “Everything” by Sharon Olds,
and her own “Breath Of Silence”
Lesa Medley “I Worry” by Mary Oliver,
and her own “While The Moon Is Still Blue”
David Eisbach “Its Unknown Age” by W S Merwin,
and his own “A Woman’s World”
Janet Trenchard “Rock Polisher” by Chris Forhan
Katie Carter “Violets” and “Asparagus”
J K Johnson “My Father’s Shoes” by Solmaz Sharif
Ainsley Kelly “Pretty Song” by Mary Oliver,
and her own “Three Tries For Fall”
Leslie Hoffman “Ode To Immortality” by William Wordsworth,
and Leslie’s own “San Francisco Beat”
Joe Navarro “The Chicano In Me”
Dale Carrasco “The Moment Of Reincarnation”
Marty “Tarumba” by Jaime Sabines
Renee Schell “They Carved An Animal” by William Stafford,
and her own “Portrait Of My Mother Ironing”
Sandip Bhattacharya Couplets by Kabir
Barbara Saxton “Ambivalence Souffle” by Diane Frank,
and her own “All Ears”
Judith Oppenheimer
Mary Ann Savage “Reflections”
Dennis Noren “Names In Question” by Denise Levertov,
and his own “The Fountain”
Nick Butterfield “Looking Up”
Judith Schallberger Haikai from the new YTHS anthology, Bending Reeds, by Mimi Ahern, et al
Amy Meyer “News Of The World” by Phillip Levine
John Landry “Storm At Half Moon Bay” by Arlene Stone
Bonnie George “No Harvest Ripening” by Anne Morrow Lindberg,
and her own “Night Cry”
Kirsten Olsen “Presentiment”

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