The Moment Of Reincarnation

— Dale Carrasco

I grieve for the world that could be … but is not,
I grieve for the dreams half forgotten, half sought,
I grieve for words … spoken then not,
I grieve for the chances cast … not caught,
I grieve for friendships not nourished
and for successes unacknowledged,

it all happened before my eyes,
entering in … self absorbtion’s disguise,
the personal geography began
to lower and rise

was I crazy now,
was I all nuts,
but looking around
it was all … buts,

but what? but this?
but where did it go?
but who are you?
shit, everything WAS
fast … but now its so slow

your words
barely make sense,
I know what you mean
but are we really so dense

crap TV,
those are the facts, and what else?
intentions, moods, motivations
scattered by a condition of life ?

what !?

that we are burn barrels at 98.6 degrees,
that desire precedes all,
that by “A” and “B” we are “C”,
turtles all the way down?

that’s it …
can say no more,
the mosquito has drawn its maximum blood
and is rich but can’t yet have the money shot
of Miss Totality comprehended

but if you try real hard …
you just might find …
that inside the need of the furture’s seed
there are aces in the deck

One thought on “The Moment Of Reincarnation

  1. What a dynamic poem! At first what starts in order (and even meter and rhyme) unravels into chaos only to offer hope again at the end.

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