While The Moon Is Still Blue

— Lesa Medley

While the moon is still blue
I want to walk with you
hand in hand
barefoot on a long, lonely
stretch of tropical beach
Moonlight shimmering…
illuminating the water
and the sand beneath our feet
as the sea waves
gently caress our toes
and the wind softly
brushes our cheeks
and rustles our hair
Sweet music can be heard
coming from somewhere
in the distance
accompanying the sounds of
the ocean, constantly in motion
I want to taste the faint saltiness
of your lips and feel their warmth
as you kiss me
I want to see the moonlight
reflected in your eyes and
shine in your smile as we laugh
and walk together
and talk of our dreams for the future
and I want to hear you whisper
I love you,
And I want you…
to kiss me again…

while the moon is still blue

One thought on “While The Moon Is Still Blue

  1. Lesa, I found this to be so emotionally satisfying. You have described a scene that everyone can feel with such sweet intensity.

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