Open-Mic Readers, December 2012

Readers who read in December 2012:

Dennis Richardson “Don’t Talk to Trees”
Judith Oppenheimer “Feliz Navidad”
Kelly Cressio Moeller “Panels From A Deepening Winter”
Casey FitzSimons “Over The Starboard Rail”
Judith Schallberger “Winter Haiku”
Diane Moomey “Spring Breakup”
Leslie Hoffman “Pantoum: Cloud Wisps”
Jeffrey Leonard “In The Loop (Bob Hickock): A Reply”
Kathy Goldbach “Live”
Jeff Miller “2AM On Mission”
Dennis Noren “Occupy The Willow Glen Reading”
Joel Katz “Anticipation”
Jim Russo “Oil”
Hudson Washburn “Trophy”
Nick Butterfield “Cats” and “In Time”
Erica Goss “About Fruitcakes”
Stephanie Pressman “Wintering”
Nancy Meier “Orange Pickle”
Javon Edwards “Parting ways”
Mary Lou Taylor “Jack At Church”
Kevin Arnold “What Cats, Horses and Dogs Know”
Bonnie George “Reindeer”
Dave Eisbach “Shrinking Possibilities”
Pushpa McFarlane “Ordinary”
Vuong Vu “End Times”
Charles Albert “Christmas Eve”
Christine Richardson “American Poem, In English”
Poems from Caesura read during the open-mic
Christine Richardson “The World Is Just One Body”
Dennis Richardson “Quantum Mechanics And Me”
Jerry Dyer “Harvest”
Harry Lafnear “Shadow Of The Tyrant King”
John Landry “Last Love Song”
Renee Schell “Sonnet 6: Apocalyptic Finale”

Please note: we had a hiatus in the blog around Nov/Dec 2012 as the webmasters got caught in a swirl of year-end-daily-bread-earning activities. We are trying to catch up. You may notice email arriving in your mailbox “out of order”. But once we are through, the website should be sane again. If you notice errors in the details, please bring them to our attention by emailing us at the willowglen poetry email address and we’ll correct them as quickly as possible.

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