Don’t Talk to Trees

— Dennis Richardson

It is autumn and I am being a tree. I planted myself next to a liquid-ambar
because it is tall like me and I am close to the other ones in the front yard.
In this way, we can easily talk together, share with each other. I want
to see what the mind of autumn is like through the eyes of autumn-pretty trees.

At the moment, we are cautiously turning our colors, unsure what
November is doing, the light seeming right but the temperature
off somewhat. TTS, short for, the tree said: Have you seen the clouds
lately, how strange and milky looking they can be now?

It is a good thing other trees, like the oaks, are near-sighted. They are already hard
to get along with. If the oaks saw the clouds clearly, they would be really worried,
having a fit, dropping all their acorns, while we, on the other branch, remain
rooted, as we say. The other day, however, I saw a rainbow.

The arch, standing there in the distance, looked pastel. It was a little
unsettling to us. Did you see it too? IS, short for, I said: Yes. TTS: I can hardly wait
for all my leaves to fall. We end and begin again, you know, right after
autumn leaves begin to fall and we hear old winter’s song, just like that song says.

How did they know that? I am thirsty now. I think I see a fat cloud full of water
coming slowly this way. It is true, things have been a little different, starting with
the clouds, but the stars are all in their places, the moon still chasing them.
I do feel a little uneasy though and wonder if autumn is playing a little trick on us,

it is taking so long for my leaves to turn this season. Most of them are almost red
and getting brighter but it feels like I am being slow cooked, maybe to give them
an even brighter glow. I think I am beginning to look like a giant poinsettia.
What do you think of the weather? IS: Oh look,I can see some Christmas lights on,

down the street. It’s getting dark and my sinuses are acting up. TTS: Well, I must
say, I am glad you cannot fit us into your homes for Christmas trees like you do the
Nobles and the Douglas’. IS: I think I’m allergic to autumn. TTS: And one more thing
before you go, we like it when you come outside and sneeze

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