Occupy The Willow Glen Poetry Reading

— Dennis Noren

Be it resolved that …

whereas the recurring event known as the Willow Glen Poetry Reading series has successfully served the literary needs and wants of San Jose and environs,

whereas the couple known as Dennis and Christine Richardson have hosted said event for many years with great skill, enthusiasm and fluorescently positive vibes,

whereas Christine Richardson has performed dedicated services to thoughtfully introduce many featured readers to said assembly, to extravagantly encourage numerous open-mic readers, and to exhibit immense patience and skill to even train her spouse to perform valuable services in said enterprise,

whereas Ms. Richardson has displayed remarkable excellence, breadth and depth in her own writing,

whereas Ms. Richardson’s poetry deserves much more attention than it has heretofore received,

it is hereby proposed, propounded and put forth that the aforementioned spouse of Ms. Richardson enter into negotiations with her for a full, featured, and focused reading at our present location, i.e., here, at a mutually agreeable time to be no more than eight months hence from the present date of December 20, 2012,

and it is further proposed that the present assembly, i.e., you all, approve and affirm this resolution by silently standing in place at this present moment, i.e., now, to signify the general accord that we want to hear this woman’s poetry be given its rightful attention.

Let it be recorded in the heart, that the ayes have it. This resolution is approved.

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