— Dennis Richardson

Mankind, a misnomer to begin with,
mankindof a more fitting word
or mancouldbekind, or
in the present tense, mancanbekind,

so many ways we can be, an infinite number
incalculable in mathematics,
yet we counted on us to begin with,
Democracy, just a gleam in mankind’s eyes,

born into a willbe nation, it’s little fists shaking,
shouting freedom before we even knew what it was,
where it would take us, how many wars we’d fight,
how many lives would be lost and changed.

But, in our trust of mankind, we forgot
good and evil always walk the same road together.
Manunkind, men, primarily, but women too,
float somewhere above us, the koi fish of fish,

the alpha’s of the alphabet who know they know
what x equals and it’s theirs, all theirs.
Sometimes I wonder if there is a God or if He’s a She,
really pissed that we didn’t call us Womankind,

letting us muddle along until the House is in such
purposeful disarray, that like a good and patient mother,
she calls us in early one night to do our homework,
which in this case is: to do the dishes and pick up our socks.

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