Rib Of My Rib

— Doug Nelson

The rabbi was right.
God made woman from man,
For man, out of man,
More than just a rib.

She comes from one whole side,
same flesh, same heart, same soul.

Over and over, every creation,
Half of the double helix.

For everything that multiplies,
Two sides, to us, from us,
It works as well for life on earth as in metaphor.

Science proves Creation; it takes nothing away.

The poet has known it all along,
The doctor couldn’t cure cancer with it,
Until they gave it a name.
Rib of my rib?

Side of my side.
I smell your soup on the stove.

I am home.
I am whole.

One thought on “Rib Of My Rib

  1. Doug, in a world of everything correct, you’ve breached a topic which is disarmed by understanding and love.

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