Winter Moods

— Vicki L. Harvey

I am a storm
I block the moon
and blow out the candle
with my fierce wind.

I will turn your house into
a prison with only your
solitude to keep you company.

The night is long with little
light to read by.
You can only play with your
angel-your aesthetic self.

I will go in peace with the
grace as a jaguar on the run.
The animal in me will play the
music of ancient songs of long

The island will settle down
as a gentle fountain and the smell
of jasmine will return.

The dolphin will come from the
deep water to find human
contact and be blessed from
the inner journey to finally arrive.

The road that I walk will bear
many stories and I will continue
on my voyage to finally remove
the mask as I bow to life.

My stories will be meant to inspire
all. My ancestors will be proud of
what I have created each time I
come alive.

One thought on “Winter Moods

  1. I admire your way with description and metaphor, Vicki. …blow out the candle…turn your house into a prison…grace as a jaguar…the smell of jasmine will return… quite a journey.

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