Being God

— Harry Lafnear

If you ever wondered what it was like,
look no further than your bedroom floor,
where a slender rail of sunlight
is strung upon both your cats
as they pretend to sleep.

Then go ahead and open the blinds.

Bask in the joy and confusion
on their tiny kitty faces
and you will know something
of what it is to be a god.
A few moments later,
when the cats begin to tousle
over the swath of warmth you’ve made,
you will know a little more.
And at 3 a.m., as a cute kitty paw
bats your bloodshot eye—
more insistently the longer you refuse
your miracles—you will comprehend
the basic nature of prayer.
To complete your understanding
all that you need
is about a billion more cats
in your room.

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