Elective Invective (and others)

— Blaine Burgstrom

Blackbird touches down
in a field of snowy white
Still, half the Nation frowns


Wake up, little cub

Arise, Awake
from the nap you take
Wake up you sleepy-head

There’s fish to catch
and trees to scratch
Get your behind out of bed

Come on now, don’t tarry
Can’t you just smell the berries
sweet and delightful perfume?

Hear the birds and the bees’
feel the warm, gentle breeze
telling us Spring is here in full bloom


Sleepy Promise

Dearest Loving Brother,
If you find me in repose
please don’t flatulate in my face
or stick anything up my nose
Don’t paint my face with make-up
and dress me in Sister’s clothes
I better not find my picture
on Facebook in a pose
Don’t bother me, I’m very tired
from stacking cans in rows
Because if you do, I’ll bury you
in a place that nobody knows

One thought on “Elective Invective (and others)

  1. The haiku is brilliant. The expression of obvious natural beauty has an elegant innocence that gives the kicker great force without being overly politicized. Congrats.

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