Playing the Piano

— Judy Sandretto

Every morning I sit at the piano.
My music books are in front of me
and the pages are yellow.
They are brittle from age.

I move my fingers on the ivory keys.

I have been playing Chopin
for quite a while now
and the music is very sad.
I need to make a change.

Tomorrow morning
I think I will play a waltz
A Viennese waltz.
Then I will waltz with my puppy
and my puppy will lick my face.

On Sunday I will play a drum.
I used to march with my children
with wooden spoons and pots from the kitchen.
We marched in front of a mirrored wall
and then we marched all through the house.

We marched and we laughed and the music was loud.
sometimes I miss the richness of those days.

Next week there will be something different.
No sonatas for a while or nocturnes or preludes
No mazurkas, waltzes or two part inventions.

I want to learn some blues.

This is funny I think because
I know it would make me happy to play the blues.
It will be a new chapter in my musical journey
and that is good.

2 thoughts on “Playing the Piano

  1. Hi Harry,   I sent this to a few friends and they were all different formats it seems.  The one I like best is centering the paragraphs.   When I sent it out to 3 friends they received different things??  Isn’t that kind of weird?   Thanks.  



  2. No problem. It’s fixed now. Besides, it’s probably my fault. I typically ignore centering in order to create a consistent look on the blog and anthology. Though our style standard favors left-justification, we generally do comply when an author is making a conscious, considered style choice, as in this case.

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