Noteworthy Desserts


In March, the Mission Chamber Orchestra of San Jose presented “Noteworthy Desserts” in downtown San Jose. The program featured chamber music selections paired with some of the valley’s most decadent desserts and also poetry specially written for the occasion by some of our own Willow Glen regulars.

To start April’s reading, David Eisbach, responsible for including our poets in the MCO event, organized a reprise reading of “Noteworthy” poetry for the Willow Glen audience. Pictured left to right:

Harry Lafnear
(Back left)
“A Song for the Seasons” and “The Message”
Pushpa MacFarlane
(Front left)
“Five Pieces”
Dennis Noren
(Back row)
“Allegro ma non troppo”
Renée Schell
“It Takes Two Chocolates to Tango”
David Eisbach
(Front right)
“At the Mission Chamber’s Door”

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