Open Mic Readers, April 2013

For the April 18, 2013 reading, poets were invited to read two poems: one from a favorite author, as well as one of their own. As usual, we had a stellar turn-out for this fun event.

First, David Eisbach organized a reprise of the poetry presented at the Mission Chamber Orchestra “Noteworthy Desserts” event:

David Eisbach “At the Mission Chamber’s Door”
Harry Lafnear “A Song for the Seasons” and “The Message”
Pushpa MacFarlane “Five Pieces”
Dennis Noren “Allegro ma non troppo”
Renée Schell “It Takes Two Chocolates to Tango”

And then, the Poetry Month extravaganza…

Renée Schell “At the Un-National Monument” by William Stafford
Dennis Richardson “Season of Levitation” by Bob Hicok, and his own “Substitutes, or Moon over Miami”
Millicent Kellogg “Why Young Girls Like to Ride Bareback” by Judith Barrington, and her own “Dark Canvas”
Vicki L. Harvey “Amazing Peace” by Maya Angelou, and her own “Afraid”
Kelly Cressio-Moeller “Morning Walk” by Diane Lockward, and her own “Ode to Yellow”
Barbara Saxton “Eyes Forward” by Loretta Walker, and her own “Chanticleer”
Lesa Medley “Trees” by Mary Oliver, and her own “The Plunge”
Timothy Tomasi “An Ancient Dog Grave” by A.E. Stallings, and his own “Hubble #1”
Clysta Seney “Dear Bird Feeder”
Joe Navarro “Do I Have to Live Like This?” by Wardell Montgomery, and his own “El Poeta”
Deborah Kennedy “Teeming”
Yehudit Oriah “Music writes the moon and stars”
Jim Russo “Found Poem” by T. Mike Walker, and his own “Calamity Jane”
Laura Cervantes “Forgo the Parable”
Veronica Marquez (untitled)
Kathy Goldbach “Sugarworld” by Madalyn Van Dever, and “A Sleepless Night” by Phillip Levine
Jerry Dyer “Spring Images” by James Wright, and his own “Wisps”
Jeffrey A. Leonard “Terminal Nostalgia” by Sherman Alexie, and his own “One Year Later: Thoughts About Ken”
Robbie Sugg “On the Quotidian” by Dennis Philips, and his own “Redwood City”
John Landry “Revolutionaries, 1924” by Adam Kirsch, and his own “Expecting Nothing”
Mike Alvarado “Do Not Go Gentle…” by Dylan Thomas, and his own “It’s 21, It’s Legal, So What’s the Problem?”
Erica Goss “The Kindness of Trees”
Bonnie George “In the Morning” by Paul Dunbar, and his own “Captive Player Bet”
Ted Gehrke “This Flag Not Fondly Waving” by Charles Bukowski, and his own untitled poem.
Richard James “Ragged Recollections”
Andrea Konrad “And the Bagpipe Did Not Say No” by Shel Silverstein, and her own untitled poem.
Vuong Vu “Patsy Sees a Ghost” by Lola Haskins, and his own “Ghost Story”
Judy Sandretto “Ed” by Louis Simpson, and her own “For My Friend”
Ainsley Kelly “As I Walked Out One Evening” by W.H. Auden, and her own “Gratitude”
Blaine Burgstrom “Winds of Change”
Valerie Kockelman “Musings of the Plantiff in a Malpractice Suit”
Katie Carter “Peter” by Edgar Allan Poe, and her own “Word Problems #5”
Nick Butterfield “O, We are the Outccasts” by Charles Bukowski
Dave Eisbach “Commitments” by Robert DeKay
Christine Richardson “A Brief for the Defense” by Jack Gilbert, and her own “The Lay of My Garden This Spring”

Poets, please let us know if our list needs corrections or additions. Names and titles are easy to miss in the excitement of the evening. Especially this month!

One thought on “Open Mic Readers, April 2013

  1. Joe Navarro, I am pleased that you read my poem “Do I have To Live Like This?”. I am sure this was a great event reading your poems and poetry of others. Thanks so much for making me a part of something like this.


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