The Message

— Harry Lafnear

To the assumed inhabitants of the
potential Earth-like worlds recently discovered
in our galaxy.

All you have heard is true.
We are lonely by the billions.
We struggle. We fall.
We are like you.
And while we know this signal
will not be heard
by your equally lonely little world
until generations gone,
we understand your response
will not change this.
It is not why we call.

We know you know
by other emissary emissions
how we strive to connect
how we hope to be more
how we do what we do knowing
how far we’ve left to go.
We simply wish to inform you
humanity will be fine.
We have Oreos in our ice cream.
We have music.
We have wine.

Written for the Mission Chamber Orchestra of San Jose, for their Noteworthy Desserts event. The poem introduced a performance of Dvorak’s String Quartet No. 12 in F major, Op. 96 “American,” IV, with Marianne’s 10-20 ice cream.

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