The Poet / El Poeta

— Joe Navarro

Some days I show my love;
Other days I live in despair.
Often I simply simmer in my anger.
My head swells with emotion y
A veces me siento como
Voy a morir de la tristeza.
Pero en algunos días
I feel as though I can
Alleviate the pains of el mundo.
Cada día…each day brings
Tragedy and hope in the same
Breath that often leaves us breathless.
I live in a world of social contradictions
Manifested in political geography,
Official tyranny, people
Whose only hope is to be awakened
By a kiss from the warm sun, and
Hopeless romantics who long
For a spiritual connection.
I live in a mundo of people
De todas razas y colores,
Who must navigate between
The thorny stems that
Keep roses out of reach.
En mi nación—my nation—neighbors
Have lost their homes, students lack
Health care, and the wealthiest of all
Sit atop Mount Whitney smirking
At the rest of us as we struggle to
Live meaningful lives. Así es la vida.
And, I, el poeta…what can I do? ¿Qué hacer?
I share los sueños colectivos—
Dreams of my ancestors.
I remind us that Earth is our
Mother y Sol es nuestro padre.
I send rainbow feathers into the sky
With messages of justice,
Equality, dignity, and of democratic
And human rights. I inspire dreams
To become realities by igniting
Imaginations with colorful word
Murals. Soy poeta…my destiny
Is to awaken people with poems.

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