Upon the Winds of Change

—Blaine Burgstrom

There’s a hard rain coming down
As my truck climbs the grade out of Felton
In the dark
I can see my future’s past
Leaving my once-Lover’s house
After a remembered night of passion

It’s only remnants of our fairy tale,
A piece of that Life we sometimes share
The Dream remains
Unrealized, and unfulfilled,
My loneliness still unconquered,
Her focus forever reflected in the mirror

I made it over that mountain
The way I always do
With faith
And grit
And forgiveness
That’s how I make it through

Consumed in the cleansing rain
I drip slowly down Ice Cream grade
Steadily moving
On the slippery slope
Leading to the place
Where Bonny Doon’s shore will fade

Now I arrive at the crossroad,
Deciding which way to turn
One way
Would be responsible,
But it’s for the other
That I yearn

I make it right, I heed the call
I listen to my Heart’s desire
It’s up,
Up the coast, towards Davenport
Where Whalers who’ve come before me
Unburdened the loads that they acquired

Past artichoke fields
Of gray and green
I look
Out beyond the roilly sea,
Towards a brightening horizon
It’s not nearly as dark as it seems

I see my slice of Heaven,
A place someone named Scott’s Creek
It’s there
Fresh water replenishes the Ocean,
A spawning ground of new birth,
Novel and fresh ideas emerge unique

As I look upon the breaking day,
Two black crows serenely glide
Upon the winds of change
I watch as they land in unison,
Face the storm-driven sea together
And my Hope grows bigger inside

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