Open-Mic Readers, May 2013

May’s  reading was very well attended and we had 30 local poets reading their works:

Lynn Rogers “He Has Come”
Gerald Heinen “Limericks According to the Alphabet”
Barbara Tinsley “Exiled by Poetic Means”
Casey FitzSimons “Reliquary”
Lesa Medley “Posting from a Night Train”
Deborah Kennedy “The Fate of my Son”
Kelly Cressio-Moeller “Out of the Dark”
Diane Moomey “Ode to a Dish”
Lori Leonard “A Mature Love Poem”
Jeffrey Leonard “The Last Piece of Chocolate” by Hayden Carruth
Angie Boissevain “Abbot’s Lagoon”
Vicki Harvey “Broken Rules”
Millicent Kellogg “The Man Who Painted His Face”
Renee Schell “Ferris Wheel”
Judith Schallberger Haiku
MaryAnn Savage “Dog Day”
Dennis Richardson “Charlie Brown Writes A Poem”
Robbie Sugg “All Night Making Images in San Jose”
John Landry “January 1”
Nick Butterfield “Alien”
Andrea “Book”
Katharine Wilson excerpt from “Mining the Shadow”
Sandip Bhattacharya “A Day in the Life”
Blaine Burgstrom 3 Shorts and a Haiku
Dave Eisbach “Memory”
Harry Lafnear “A Word for Everything”
Joel Katz “How”
Jerry Dyer “So Much Falls From the Sky”
Katie Carter “Dog Walkers”
Christine Richardson “I Give Thanks for a Scrap of Paper with an A.A.Milne Quote I Found on my Desk”

Poets, please let us know if our list needs corrections or additions. Names and titles are easy to miss in the excitement of the evening.

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