Opening Words for May

Christine Richardson, co-host of the Willow Glen Poetry Project, introduced May’s featured reader, David Denny, with these words:

Tonight’s featured reader is known and loved by many in this room. So we are pleased to have David Denny here to share his poetry with us. As an instructor at De Anza and as the current poet laureate of Cupertino, David has done much to promote, support and bring to the forefront of our communities the literary arts.

He has been published in many notable journals. His collection of poems, Plebian on the Front Porch was published last year and a forthcoming volume will appear in the fall. David is constantly observing and responding to his environment – external and internal. He is rarely without a notebook writing or “scribbling” as he calls it. Step into the Peet’s Coffee in Cupertino and read his poem mounted on the wall written at a table a few feet away.

However David does take time off from teaching, reading, writing, and sharing his poetry. He loves watching old movies at the Stanford Theater in Palo Alto enjoying his favorite snack. So in case David is missing a classic film tonight by being here with us, we can at least provide him with a token of our appreciation – a box of Good and Plenty!

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