A Word for Everything

— Harry Lafnear

We divide the dictionary,
a word or two at a time,
starting with “yours” and “mine.”
He takes “sloppy” and “loud.”
I get “stubborn” and “sour.”
These are easiest, though unclear
whether badges or barbs,
taken or assigned.
“Genius” is a fight;
I see it on his list
and put it on mine,
suggesting “litigious” be next,
though he pairs it with “ass.”
No one wants it now.
I pick “unicorn” and “wolf”
He wants “lion” and “stars.”
But who can have the stars
without the moon?
And what is the moon
without wolves?
And soon it’s all back in play,
everything swirling around the stars
until he takes my name,
puts it next to his own, and I
move “me” and “him” together,
the L-word still in the book.

2 thoughts on “A Word for Everything

  1. Ah, such a creative poem, so fresh! I find the conceptual frame to be so simple, yet brilliant. A poetic move of genius, imho.

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