So Much Falls From the Sky

— Jerry Dyer

So much falls from the sky
that we can’t catch:
That baby bird, blown from its nest,
its heart a purple seed
beneath the skin—
Radio waves from all the stations
we don’t tune in—
Moonlight, so richly sown
on the surface of the sea.

I do catch my breath
from the sky,
my lungs pulling buckets
from a well in the wind—
And I only drink water neat,
rain-drops that have not yet reached
the ground. Fog, that finds its dew-point
in my open mouth.

4 thoughts on “So Much Falls From the Sky

  1. One of my very, very, very, very favorites from you, Jerry – gorgeous.

  2. “its heart a purple seed beneath its skin”
    I am in love with this. I’ve seen that shocking fragility and known all my power as human inadequate to setting it the least bit right. And here it is, perfectly at home in a poem of acceptance, spirit, and warning. A masterpiece, my friend.

  3. No one ….. No one captures the incorporeal part of our lives quite like you have in your poetry, which is where it belongs, of course. M

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