Charlie Brown Writes a Poem

— Dennis Richardson

The nouns said they would meet me
halfway but they’ve said that before
only to leave me without a subject.

I hate it when they do that because
Snoopy is not much of a poetry muse
and Lucy would only laugh at me.

Anyway, here I am on the corner
of Verb Avenue and Adverb Street, one
word in sight. It’s an adverb I think.

I only know adverbs by their last
name of Ly. This one is finalLy.
Where are the nouns? I ask finalLy.

He says, June couldn’t come
because April is feeling very lonely
since May left. Rose said to say she’s

sorry but she hasn’t felt well lately,
ever since she got dusted.
I couldn’t find Woodstock

anywhere. Someone said he’s
really upset. I don’t know why.
And the bees are busily making honey.

Oh, good grief!
Why do things like this always
suddenly happen to only me.

One thought on “Charlie Brown Writes a Poem

  1. This one has an amazing blend of depth, wit and feeling. How did he do that? I feel like this is how modern poetry should really be,

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