Posting from a Night Train

— Lesa Medley

Friday, May 3, 2013
On a night train,
no, not to Georgia,
but the #14 Amtrak Coast Starlight
8:25 pm to Eugene, Oregon
My final destination: Roseburg, Oregon

There is a Rod Stewart wanna be
in the seat in front of me,
with yellow-orange spiked hair,
he is standing in the aisle
smoking an electronic cigarette

After sitting for a while,
need to walk and stretch my legs.
I wander down to the sightseeing car
nothing to see out the big windows
except dark and my own reflection

I get a turkey sandwich, peanuts and water
from the snack car and head back to my seat.
The train rolls northward.
We stop and pick up more night travelers
and the seats fill up.

3:43 am Well surprise… I can’t sleep!
Finding it hard to get comfortable,
and it is not so easy to sleep
next to someone I don’t know.

We were stopped for 2 hours earlier
outside of Martinez
due to a medical incident
requiring paramedics.
Hoping for a good outcome.

Advised family meeting train
I may be late.

Now we are just lumbering along in the dark,
I am not sure where.
except for an occasional cough…
from somewhere,
and the creaking of the train.

One thought on “Posting from a Night Train

  1. I like the telegraphic style of lines like “Hoping for a good outcome” and “Advised family meeting train…”

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