Limericks According to the Alphabet

— Gerald Heinen

A – Albert always allotted available allocations.

B – Billy bought bourbon before beginning.

C – Crissy continuously cackled cacophonously.

D – Dirty Darren dug dirt diligently.

E – Elephant’s ears exhibit enormously.

F – Freddie’s fire frantically fired furiously.

G – Giraffes gangly gait gain greatly.

H – Henry hopefully hurried harrowingly.

I – Irene’s industrious intelligence illustrated ideally.

K – Kris Kringel knowingly knotted kiddy kites.

L – Little Lucy longingly loves lucky Lionel.

M – Mamas market makes many meat manwhiches.

N – Nobody knows Normans’ natural nature.

O – Originally, open opponents opposed opposites.

P – Patsy peddled pansies, peonies, pentstemons, plus petunias.

Q – Quincy quietly questioned quantifying quotas.

R – Rebecca rearranged Randi’s remaining receipts.

S – Sandy, somewhere, silently sat somberly.

T – Tommy Tune tunefully tapped timely.

U – Uncle Ulysses usually used Umbrian umbrellas.

V – Victoria vicariously viewed Vanessa’s vehicle.

W – Walter willingly wedded Wendy Wednesday.

X – Xavier Xeroxed.

Y – Yester year, Yolanda’s youthful yellow yacht yielded.

Z – Zealous Zanzibar zebras zoom.

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