Open Mic Readers, June 2013

With Bob Dickerson as the featured reader, we had no less than 30 poets reading there works in June at the Willow Glen Public Library!

Vicki L. Harvey “Afternoon Delight”
Lesa Medley “In the Ghost Town where My Mother was Born”
Joel Katz “Words”
Kevin Schlossberg “A Working Day”
Stephanie Pressman “Erecta”
Diane Moomey “Turning”
Millicent Kellogg “Getting Old the First Time”
Dennis Richardson “”
Tiffany Galicia “Bloom”
Virginette Acacio “Lovesong”
Mike Alvarado “Dear Louisa”
Mary Ann Savage “Falconer”
Peter Carroll “Seeing Something”
Casey FitzSimons “To You We Pass the Torch”
Dave Eisbach “The Urinal”
Doug Nelson “To A Fallen Marine”
Harry Lafnear “Dinner Belles”
Barbara Saxton “Perigee”
Richard James “The White”
Frank Garcia “Within My Breath”
John Nimmo “6:00am Hawaiian Standard Time”
Hudson Washburn “Veneration”
Jennifer Brown “Lurk”
Terry Adams “I Want to See”
Mary Marcia Casoly ?
Renee Schell “To a Cygnet”
Bonnie George “Memorial: Michael and Me”
Pushpa McFarlane “Improvisations”
Vuong Vu “Sunday Morning”
Christine Richardson “El Pajaro de Paradiso”

As usual, corrections are welcome.

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