Featured Reader, July 2013

Co-host Christine Richardson introduced July’s featured reader, Tim Myers with these words:

We are so fortunate to live in this area with so many unique and masterful poets. Many, who teach at our local colleges and universities spreading the art of appreciating and writing literature, have graced our readings here. Tonight we are honored to have one of those gifted poets return to this podium – writer, visual artist, storyteller, songwriter, Tim Myers. If you have not perused his website, I strongly urge you to. It is a beautifully designed display of Tim’s versatile talents that extend to so many areas and are directed to all ages. His children’s books are truly the books my students loved me to read to them – wonderful stories which teach by example how to build a storyline with compelling characters, and surprising turns. For adults he offers two books of poetry, essays, science fiction and most recently, Glad to Be Dad, A Call to Fatherhood, which won the inaugural Ben Franklin Digital Award. This recognition can be added to the many he has already received for his work.

I love the Rilke quote on Tim’s homepage: “Oh, speak, poet, what do you do?”
…I praise.
Here to share with us just what he does so well, please welcome, Tim Myers.

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